We do not directly charge sellers a fee to sell their tickets through Twickets.

The funds that have been paid to Twickets from your PayPal account are merely a transferral of the buyer’s fees. Here’s how the payment works: 

  • You will have received a credit via PayPal from the buyer once your ticket(s) sold. 

  • This will have included the funds for the tickets sold, plus any delivery charges owed to you by the buyer. 

  • In addition, you will have received an overpayment from the buyer for the Twickets buyer's fee they have incurred for the transaction.

  • PayPal will then have debited you this overpayment in a separate transaction, and transferred the amount directly to Twickets. 

  • This is not a charge to the seller, merely a transferral of the initial buyer’s fees. 

PayPal's standard selling charges do apply. For more information on PayPal's charges, please click here