This is the point at which we try to set a billing agreement up with your PayPal account so that, in the event of a sale, the buyer's fees can be transferred from your account to Twickets (see below for how the payment works). PayPal are not allowing this to happen if you are seeing this error message from them (please see attached). Please contact PayPal's customer services team to tell them that you are having issues setting up a billing agreement with Twickets and would like to do so. 

Upon a sale taking place, the funds that will be paid to Twickets from your PayPal account are merely a transferral of the buyer’s fees. Here’s how the payment works: 

  • You will receive a credit via PayPal from the buyer once your ticket(s) have sold.  

  • This will include the funds for the ticket(s) sold, plus any delivery charges owed to you by the buyer. 

  • In addition, you will have receive an overpayment from the buyer for the Twickets buyer's fee they have incurred for the transaction.

  • PayPal will then debit you this overpayment in a separate transaction, and transfer the amount directly to Twickets. 

  • This is not a charge to the seller, merely a transferral of the initial buyer’s fees.